General News: E3 '10

Posted by on April 28, 2010

Found on Zeld Universe.

Okay this year at E3 which is held June 15th through June the 17th, instead of Microsoft on the floor on the first day like last year, it's Nintendo who will be on the floor on the first day this year. They'll be talking about the future oof the 3DS, and about the Vitality Sensor, maybe they'll give us some more information on some rumored games like Pikmin 3 title?

Also, this is what everybody has been waiting for, detials and information about the new Zelda Wii, maybe we'll finally find out who that girl really is. So don't forget to mark your calenders schedule it on that week of June. Hopefully we'll get to see another trailer to the new Metroid: Other M!


mclenns says:

How would the 3ds even work!?

Wannabe says:

I'm not sure, exactly, but it's supposed to have control sticks.
control sticks

Amy122 says:

We'll find out next month.

Wannabe says:

Well, I'll have to rely on people to tell me about it, because I can't go to E3. l;T_T.gif

Amy122 says:

Can't you watch it on TV?

Wannabe says:

well, I just found out that they'll be streaming this year, so, I'm pretty happy about this right now!

Sunseahl says:

You can also watch live on G4 TV and at